my still life work

I believe in the "magic" of objects. Objects, whether man-made or natural, have the power to transport us through time and space. Objects whisper words from cherished loved ones, dance to the tunes of faded youth, and echo the bittersweet of life experience. We feather our nests with these shiny things throughout the course of our lives.  My compositions are slowly crafted to tell visual stories which are both personal and universal.  Often my symbolism challenges the core beliefs found in the religious traditions of our western world as compared to an atheist perspective.


I began “The Latin Series” as an exercise in art therapy to help me reconcile the death of a beloved family member. Each painting began with my symbol of love, the iris, which is both perennial and fragile in nature. From this central focal point I worked outward, spending a great deal of time thinking about other objects or animals that might relate to each other in some way to express my thoughts on life, relationships, and loss. Latin titles were selected to give guidance to the viewer as to my thoughts and motivation.


I am drawn to surrealism as it depicts a world where time is meaningless and gravity does not rule. In my surreal landscapes, objects are possessed by the spirits of positive and negative emotions or are carried by my little hummingbird messengers to add further depth to the story. Hopefully my work will connect emotionally with viewers, encouraging them to unmask these objects to discover their spiritual core and find personal meaning within.

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